Locations Used for TV Around L.A.

One of the cool things about growing up in L.A. was that I’d see places I’d been to on a TV show.  There was an episode of Hunter that was filmed at a local Ralph’s grocery store.  Scarecrow and Mrs. King had a scene filed outside a Gemco (a department store that was turned into a Target). 

Probably one of the more famous ones is the “Batcave,” which is a small cave used in the original Batman series.  You can see the car driving through it.  But it was also used as part of Star Trek 6.  I visited L.A. then, and my father took me to the cave.  Men were out there building some kind of structure on the outside of the cave.  We went over and asked, and they told us what it was for.

Here are some locations that were used for a number of TV shows.