Mandatory Fun in the Military

We’ve got a summer office party in a few weeks.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.

It’s scheduled for a workday, but attendance is optional.  I know a lot of my coworkers won’t go, preferring to work.  I’ll be attending, for the very reason it’s optional and honestly, no work!

But when I was in the army, a day like that was quite a bit different.  They were called unit organizational days.  Always indoors at someplace like the enlisted club or community center.  Food, music, dancing.  You could bring your spouses.

It was always on Saturday, when we were off. We were REQUIRED to attend.

And, of course, for those, we had to stay there for the entire time, like we were punching a time clock.  Usually they bussed us over, so we really had no choice about how long we stayed.  I’m an introvert, which means I get my energy from solitude and quiet, not from crowds, so it was exhausting to stay that long.

Mandatory fun is not fun.

Military Readings around the Web

Way too many articles I see in the press sensationalize some negative aspect of being a veteran or being in the military.  The worst offense for me is portraying women veterans as victims.  So I always look for articles that are more positive.

Why Women Veterans have Become so Entrepreneurial – from Inc Magazine

V-Wise – This is a program that brings women veterans together at a conference for training on both how to start a business and how to grow one.  I wish I’d seen this last year, since they had one in my area.  I shall have to monitor the site, since I’m not flying across country in January!