Nanowrimo Day 1 & Pantsing 101

I decided to do Nano this year, for the first time, though informally.  I’m not registering on any of the sites or participating in the social parts of it.  Rather, I’m just using it as a goal to write a completed book in 30 days.

The tool I’m using to write is Scrivener for Windows.  The story has a working title of “Collision,” and is science fiction.  I’m not setting a daily word count goal, and I’m sure I will have days I don’t write (usually Friday).  The last time I tried a novel in 30 days, I was focused solely on getting that word count.  I didn’t get all the way to the end, because I was trying to write straight through (without cycling).  The story warped out of alignment, way out of alignment, and there was a point where I was typing to make word count, but not producing good story.

This is about producing a good story.

Pantsing 101

I came up with this idea while working on the novella I just finished on October 31 (my subconscious clearly knew the story was almost done though my head kept thinking there must be another 10K).

The idea started with an exciting action scene (since the working title is Collision, you can guess what that action scene is).  I spent the last two weeks playing around with it in my head.  Outliners would say that I was outlining in my head, but it’s nothing like that.  It was more like being in a bank and imagining what would happen if it was held up while I was there.

My first instinct was to plop this scene right in the beginning of the story.  But I think that was my critical brain trying to jump right in and muck things up.  It always wants to rush through everything, sort of like a child who races downstairs before everyone is up to open all the Christmas presents.  So I think it’ll be a later in the story.

That’s a change from the last story.  An action scene popped in there, too, in the first third, and I ended up taking it out because it was too soon.  Elements of it ended up in the last third.  Sometimes ideas don’t come in the proper order, and sometimes that order isn’t always obvious. 🙂

Day 1 Word count: 1200