Nano Day 4-5

I didn’t do any writing on Friday or Saturday.  This is normal for me.  I’m not an every single day writer.  I was too tired on Friday, and Saturday I went to see a show at the Kennedy Center.

The show was called Steb and was an action show.  It had about six people who did various stunts, most of which involved body slamming.  The men were not bulked up to the extreme like a weight lifter (in fact, one of the women looked like she’d bulked up more)–probably because one of the stunts involved landing on top of the person below, for stack of five.

Afterwards, when I rode back to Metro in the shuttle, everyone on the shuttle was talking about how painful all the body slams looked!

One thought on “Nano Day 4-5

  1. Pagadan November 6, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    I’ve written something each day, I believe–I do keep a word count list–but I’m behind…


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