Nano Day 6 & Pantsing 101

I definitely didn’t feel like doing anything today.  I woke up, and did all the usual stuff.  Then I walked down to the farmer’s market to buy my vegetables—and they were still setting up.  Very strange. A couple of us were wandering around trying to figure out what was going on, and we finally realized it was the time change.


So I got up earlier than I needed, and I’ve been running tired.  It was a gorgeous fall day, though windy and cold—normal for this month.  Tree colors aren’t very good.  I think most of the leaves will turn brown and drop off without changing.

Only two days now until the election!

Pantsing 101

I stepped out of time in the story for this day.  I was a little stuck, which is expected.  The opening of the story is tough for a while, because I’m still feeling out where the story is going.  I don’t always know everything I need until it suddenly pops in and announces itself.  And sometimes the ideas for new things don’t occur in order.  So I jumped ahead to some scenes that will be later and started writing them.

Day 6 Word count: 1250

Story Total: 4400