Nano Day 13 & Pantsing 101

It was a gorgeous fall day. The winds died down, so I did a walk at a local historical park that I discovered last year. The leaves are coming down, but a lot of the trees still have them, so another week or two year, I think.

Pantsing 101

I sort of wandered between the scenes I’d already done today, fleshing them out more. Absolutely nothing’s in any kind of order. I pretty much just created a new text file in the Scrivener binder and plopped it in right there. Probably have to rearrange it at some point.

When I’m flying like this, I often use placeholders for character names. There’s a character named XYZ because I couldn’t spare the interruption to come up with a name. I had another guy named SMITH as a placeholder, but he became a hyphenated name because I happened to run across a man who changed his name to a hyphenated name. Why not?

I don’t spend a lot of time coming up with character names. I used to at one point, prior to my Civil War Thriller. I’d laboriously go through my baby name book and pick a handful of names I liked, then go over the list and start crossing off ones for various reasons. But when I hit the Civil War book, that story required so many characters that taking that much time simply was out of the question. Sometimes I change the names in midstream. In The Crying Planet, I named one of the characters Reed, and that name became a problem because it was too similar to the other form of the word. In fact, when I did a search and replace of Reed, I had to weed out replacement typos like Breed for BSmith. Oops!

I usually keep a list of character names. But it doesn’t feel like I need to do that yet. I just do it when I start confusing the characters or having to hunt for a name.

Day 12 Word Count: An additional 500

Day 13 Word Count: Time Management in Chaos: 300 and Collision: 900

Story Total: 9700