Overwhelmed by too many options

All I’ve been seeing this Christmas are commercials screaming “Fear of Better Options” (FOB), pointing at stores that offer too few options–obviously to get you to buy at their store.

Then there’s my trip to the drugstore.  Yesterday I cut my finger on a grater (carrots are dangerous), and I ran out of bandages.  So it was off to the local drugstore to buy a box of bandages.

Do you know how hard it is to buy something simple like a bandage?

It used to be that when I bought bandages, the choices were the fat-sized ones, the narrow ones, the tiny ones, and the odd-sized ones.  Now I have to choose between flexible, waterproof, anti-bacteria.  Then, under each of those categories, there are even more choices to make.

Can’t a bandage just be a bandage?

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