Inaugural Military Review

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The Inauguration is Washington, DC’s big party.  The city fills up with people from all over and it’s a lot of pomp and ceremony.  We’ve had hotels in the area booked up all this week and next week, at least as far out as Quantico.

One of the things that was pretty cool was when the new President reviewed the troops.  I’ve been in parades before.  When I was in the Army, it was nothing like the parades in downtown DC, which have far more spectacle and better uniforms.

The ones I was in were on the Fort Lewis parade field, which was a big grassy field around a mile all the way around.  The uniform was the battle dress uniform.

We’d go out the day before and practice, because there was some special drill and ceremonies that were associated with it.  Drill and ceremonies involves certain types of marching moves.

In this case, we had to do two wagon wheel pivots, with the soldiers closest to the edge of the field being the spoke.  As we pass the viewing stand (bleachers in our case), the sergeant yells out “Eyes!  Right!”

Snap!  Our heads all turn to the right, facing that viewing stand until we pass.

I never saw much when I was in the parade beyond the person in front of me.  So it was pretty cool to see the military review as they passed in front of the Capitol’s steps.  If you see the footage again on the news, watch the heads of the soldiers as they pass.  You’ll see very clearly that their heads are turned towards the President in an “Eyes! Right!”

3 thoughts on “Inaugural Military Review

  1. kirstwrites January 21, 2017 / 9:43 am

    Good to look at things from the perspective of the people who work hard to make these big events happen!

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  2. Wendy Van Camp January 25, 2017 / 3:28 pm

    I found the inaugural to be impressive and enjoyable. I watched it on TV. I too have marched in parades, but not in the military. Marching is not as easy as it looks. 🙂 Thanks for your insight into the technique. 🙂

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    • Linda Maye Adams January 26, 2017 / 6:08 am

      Marching is definitely not easy! The Drill Sergeants in Basic Training spent a lot of time teaching us it, just for every day use. Parades in front of audiences–especially the President and TV cameras–require even more training!

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