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Monthly Archives: February, 2017

Crutches are Evil Things

I broke my foot last Saturday while I was in the Everglades and have been on crutches, no weight bearing, and with a boot. I’ve been on them before, when I was in the military, and they don’t get any easier with time.  In fact, one of the things I learned with this round was …

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Defining Success as a Writer

I came back from the cruise and broke my right foot in Florida.  I was coming down a steep wheelchair ramp in the Everglades.  It had this small speed bump at the end.  I stepped on it, my ankle over-rotated, and I fell.  The outside of my foot slammed into the speed bump. It’s a …

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Sensitivity Readers: Another reason to go indie

I just got back from my cruise–a very long day yesterday flying back!  Anyway, I ran across this article this morning on “sensitivity reader” to look for offensive content and was horrified that the industry is doing this. It’s a form of censorship, plain and simple. It starts with the simple thing of avoiding stereotypes, …

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Time Markers in Stories

Time in stories was the subject of an Odyssey online conference.  I hadn’t really thought of time before, at least not until I started putting light into every scene. When I was in Desert Storm, time was strange.  We didn’t have weekends off, so it was get up each morning, have formation, go to work. …

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