Desert Storm Reunion Cruise – Cayman Islands

I remember the Cayman Islands from when I was growing because they always had these beautiful cat stamps.  It was our first stop on the cruise so I went to Hell,  checked out turtles, and played with stingrays–all in one day!

This is Hell, which a very small town, mainly so the tourists can send postcards back saying, “I’ve been to Hell and back.”  But it’s also known for the strange limestone rock formations behind me.

Looks kind of like a lunar landscape.


Then it was off to see the turtle farm.  It’s hard to see in the picture without anything to compare it to, but these are huge turtles.  They are easily 3-4 feet long.  The farm raises them for the meat.


Then we hopped aboard a boat that took us out to a shallow area in the ocean where the stingrays were.  We climbed off the boat–the water was colder than it looked.  The wind was blowing good, and the currently was strong enough that I was working on keeping my balance.

The man in the photo is one of the guides, who held the stingrays while pictures were taken of us.  The stingrays were probably about two feet long and very soft to the touch.  The only thing hazardous about them was the tail, which would only be a problem if we jumped up and down and landed on it.  So I was doing foot shuffles and managed to trip over the anchor line at least once!


Foot update:  At my last visit, the doctor said that, at 6 weeks, I was at where most people are for 8 weeks.  He has me using hiking boots around the house and the regular boot if I go out.

First time I was on hiking boots, it was a weird sensation.  It was like the floor was on uneven on one side.  That disappeared after the first day, but boy, the next few days were a big energy suck.

Next visit, I should be out of the boot entirely.

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  1. Pagadan April 9, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    Interesting and fun cruise! I’m glad your foot is better.


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