Coming Attractions for June

This weekend, I made an attempt to see Wonder Woman.  But when I showed up an hour in advance at the movie theater, it was sold out except for a few seats in the front.  So I’ll try again next weekend.  But it’s a good sign … especially for a movie the studio gave up on.  They hardly even advertised it, but word of mouth is pretty potent.

So I spent Saturday building book covers.  These are the covers for short stories coming later in June.

And these are the ones for July, including a GALCOM universe novella and short story.  It also marks the first mystery I’m publishing.

My research topics for this week were:

  • Son-Ly War
  • Prefecture
  • Province
  • Mistletoe
  • Harvey Kurtzman
  • Tents (research for GALCOM 3)
  • Grizzly Adams (no relation to me)
  • Japanese Battleship Mutzo
  • Pagoda mast
  • Edward Teach
  • sloop
  • Gilbert Baker
  • Military name tag placement (Research for GALCOM 3)
  • locusts
  • Kylfings
  • algebra
  • Auroras
  • Plasma meteor (doesn’t that sound cool?)
  • William Mulholland
  • California Water Wars
  • St, Francis Dam

It’s interesting looking at this list after a week.  There’s a lot of topics on here that I don’t remember anything about, and others that, as I typed them, I remembered what I enjoyed about the topic.  Despite growing up in Southern California and seeing places like Mulholland Drive, I had no idea why it was named that, nor did I know about the California Water Wars.  The St. Francis Dam ended William Mulholland’s career in public works when it collapsed only a few hours after he inspected it.

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