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Woman writing on a computer on a beautiful beachComing in July, I’m going to do a writing in public project.  The concept of “writing in public,” comes from science fiction writer Harlan Ellison (if you haven’t read his books, he wrote Star Trek’s “City on the Edge of Forever”).  He sat in a window of a store, typed out a story on a manual typewriter, and stuck it on the window so people passing by could read it.

And then published them as is.

It’s scary as heck, and it’s why I’m doing it.  My creative brain is all excited, and my critical brain is going “Are you nuts?!”

This one’s going to be online, on another site.  More details to follow.

Image credit:  © Kaspiic | Dreamstime.com – Business Woman Using Laptop Computer On The Beach Photo

Meanwhile, here’s my research topics for the week

Jupiter Trojans, Charles Richter,  Movement magnitude, rookery, sea lions, Palsgrid v. Long Island Railroad, Rockway Beach, Four Pests Campaign, knitting and spies, Battle of Messiner, creeping barrage, standing barrage, box barrage, mining (the weapon kind), no man’s land,  hooah, cactus curtain, Manchukuo Imperial Guards, White Horse Tavern, marine debris, ghost nets, Great Pacific Garbage Pit, sea mark, lighthouse, Oayen Earthquake, moral matrix.

I’m largely picking these at random, based on whatever I see that day.  I’m not looking for anything specific, but just trying to fill in my knowledge with different topics.

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