Adventures Around the Web July 22-28, 2017

The Washington, DC heat finally cooled down this week.  I went to a company summer social with a Hawaiian theme. It turned out that research I did for one of my books, Rogue God, came in handy.  We played a game to guess what the term was, and I knew all the terms.  Our team won!  Usually I’m on the one that loses, so that’s kind of cool.


Someone at the social asked about the workshop I’m taking, so I thought I’d post it here.  It’s on how to start your own business from the perspective of a veteran and the government benefits that veterans business owners can take advantage of.  It’s free and about 2 hours and 30 minutes of time a week.  Not as good for fiction writers, since a lot of the funding discussion and benefits doesn’t apply, but still a lot of good stuff.  I found that I knew quite a bit from my classes on the next resource.

Dean Wesley Smith

Making a Living with Your Writing

This is an excellent resource.  It’s specifically for writers who want to write full time, written by a writer who has written full time for years.  This is the classic workshop, so you can do the videos in your own time and work through the lessons.

Ian Harvey on The Vintage News

A group of 400-year-old petroglyphs emerges from beneath the beach sand of Hawaii

Ooh!  This is like finding lost treasure.  Can you imagine being the person who discovered these?

Heather VanMouwerik on GradHacker

Organize Your Computer With Help From an Archivist

Being an indie writer, I’ve found organizing the sheet number of files a challenge.   I’ve looked at other sites and books about how to organize the files, but the structure seems to be how that writer organizes their files–not necessarily a good system.  This one is purely organic, and all up to the individual.  Since I’ve done it, I’ve never had problems finding files.


Gucci Fall Winter 2017 Campaign: Gucci and Beyond | Director’s Cut

Despite being an ad, this video was too cool to pass up.  The music comes from the Space: 1999 TV series, the style from UFO.  But there’s bits of Star Trek in there as well.  Just thoroughly enjoyable!