Adventures Around the Web September 16-22

Tom on Feedreader

How to Beat Angry Writer’s Block Knocking on Your Door

Despite the sensationalist title, it’s a pretty interesting article.  The first part talks about the history of writer’s block and shows that writers who are productive have always been looked down on.  Then it describes all the reasons for writer’s block, and they’re all some form of fear.  Worse though is they may not feel like fear.

Edward Cambro on Screen Rant

Star Trek: 15 Dark Behind the Scenes Secrets You Never Knew

Yeah, it’s a link-bait title and some of the secrets we’ve heard, but there’s some interesting ones in there.  On #2, just after James Doohan had reported in the press some negative comments about William Shatner, I attended Farpoint in Maryland.  Michael Ansara was attending, and he’d been on the original series.  During the Q&A, he was asked about William Shatner and was ever the professional.  He praised working with William  Shatner and steered clear of the sensationalism.

Harrison Kitteridge on Medium

**** All the Publishers

This week there was quite a bit of traffic on how print is dead.  The publishers have circled their wagon around best selling writers, and even writers who are best sellers but not as spectacular as other ones are getting dropped.  There’s a saying in Washington DC for government contractors: Rest all your eggs in one basket and you’re going to get burned.  Publishers–and the movie industry–are going to run into trouble when the system collapses on itself.

Nate Hoffelder on The Digital Reader

Chrome and Safari Will Soon Block Auto-Play Videos

Yes, there’s nothing like opening a page and suddenly get full volume of video that’s somewhere on the page.


Kate Scott on Book Riot


Check it out and see if you fit where they think you do.  I’m an INTP, but I also like many genres.  Link from Anne R. Allen.

New Releases

Tall ship in the harbor at night

Lady Pearl

Inspired by a visit of a tall ship to Alexandria.  I thought if I went early I could get tickets, and the line was already so long that they would have run out by the time I got there.  So I took pictures




Back of man with digital code on his skinBlink of a Moment

Time travel in Washington DC!






Tall ship on the sea

Monkey River

More tall ships!  This was one was inspired by a local ship graveyard called Mallows Bay, which is located in Maryland (the history of it is far less romantic: Government waste).





Woman standing on balcony overlooking city

The August Ghost

This story was inspired by the visit of my great-grandfather’s ghost to the house he built.