Linda Maye Adams

Adventures around the web October 7-20

 Welcome to The Matrix: You Work for FREE & There IS No Payday

Wow.  This talks about the new way companies manipulate writers into writing for free.  It used to be for exposure because it was hard to get.  Now the tune has changed.

Write Like a Girl

Here’s How Not to Critique Romance Novels

A pair of articles on writing women characters.  I grew up wanting to see girls have a role in their own adventures besides being rescued.  I know that women aren’t as strong as men, but there’s a difference between sitting around waiting for help and doing something…anything.

Why Mary Tyler Moore’s Pants Were Such a Big Deal in the 1960s

We don’t see this as much today, but during the 1960s, TV shows had be reviewed by the studios for offensive material.  The studios were very nervous about the navels of women, how clothes fit women, and even a woman being seen in bed with her husband (this is why couples slept in separate beds in their bedrooms).  Somehow showing what the rest of the world was doing was off limits.

Truth Behind Marilyn’s History-Making JFK Dress Is Revealed As It Goes Up For Auction

Well worth looking at the video at the bottom of the article.  It’s an in-depth look at how the dress was made, and the impact on our culture and our memories of Marilyn Monroe.  My mother always liked Marilyn Monroe, so she has a special place for me (and my mother was also named Marilyn).


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    Great collection of posts this week!



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