Adventures around the web October 14-20, 2017

The Washington DC weather is doing what it’s famous for: Hot, hot, cool, hot, hot, cold!  I have no heat yet, and it’s freezing!  We got frost last night.

Using Universal Links to Sell Your Books

If you’re not using these, they’re a cool discovery.  One link, and it goes to a page where all the places your book is sold are listed.  So much better than trying to track down different links!

What Makes You Stop Reading a Book?

Some different comments from readers.  I’ll put down a book because it simply doesn’t grab me for reasons I can’t explain. But I’ve also put down a book for too much dialect, which makes it hard to read; too much profanity (as in multiple ones in a few pages), because it signals a taste level I’m not going to like; and anything that happens to annoy me.  Reading is always very personal.

The Prosperous Writer’s Guide to Making More Money: Habits, Tactics, and Strategies for Making a Living as a Writer

I ran across this book purely by accident, but it talked about data analytics (what I do at work), so I got it.  I was hooked by the chapter on keywords.  I’m terrible at keywords, so I was trying out something new to see what results will be.