Adventures Around the Web Oct 28-Nov 3, 2017

I seem to have a writing with depth theme going on here.  Depth is one of those very advanced writing skills that’s incredibly hard to understand.  And the scary part is that it sounds simple to do, and it isn’t.  It took me three years to understand how to do it.

Clearing the Lens (Writing with Depth)

The title of the article is pretty poor, but it’s an article on writing with depth with some great examples.  It focuses mainly on the five senses, which I’ve seen many people write about–and it’s still an incredibly hard skill to master.

Describing Characters of Color While Writing

I think today’s political culture has made it hard for writers.  We’re both encouraged to included diverse characters (always a good idea because it makes for better stories), but at the same time, describing diverse characters can turn into a minefield.  The examples here are surprisingly simple.

8 Things Writers Forget When Writing Fight Scenes

When I was first on the writing message boards, I saw a lot of writers do an action scene in a very short paragraph.  They thought it had to move fast, so they kept it short and disappointing.  Fight scenes aren’t about being fast, fast, fast, but about the excitement, and the danger.  You don’t get that without #3 on this list.