Discoverability Adventures: Week 2

This week, I got my feet wet with something I have very mixed feelings about: Content marketing.

That’s like writing for the Huffington Post for exposure.  Of course, they don’t pay the writers.

Even before the internet, fiction writers have always been told to get exposure by writing for free.  At one point, I ran across numerous magazines that made it sound like they were doing a favor by publishing the writers at all, even though they wouldn’t have had any business without the same writers.

Plus the big name publishers have been trying to cut paying the writer out of the process as much as possible.  The advances are getting smaller and smaller.  Some publishers do a “royalty-splt” which translates out as not-much in the payment department.

One of the BookBaby panelists said to everyone, “You need to get over getting paid.”

Yeah. Right.

But I also need to get more visibility so people will discover my books.

So I’m wading in content marketing.

I’m looking at doing them from the woman veteran perspective.   In all the anthology calls I’ve submitted to, I’ve often been the only woman soldier.  There might be other women, but usually a daughter or a spouse of a male soldier.

I tried one site, really on a lark.  It’s site that is an active publisher of military books.  They had a blog up and were looking for content for it.


That part of the site hadn’t been updated in almost a year.  The rest of the site was current, so it made me wonder if the veterans simply weren’t submitting stories.  Writing is challenging to learn to do well for publication.  Writing about military experiences is another story entirely, especially if they’re painful.

So we shall see what they say.

A second one was just an opportunity that landed in my lap, from a class I took about 6 years back.  They have a new session coming in January and were looking for blog posts to promote.

For a third, I’m following the blog and monitoring what they publish to see if I can do something for them.  It’s a site that publishes all things about the military.

I’m also gathering sites that might be possibilities and just thinking about what I can do.  Not all of them are good fits.  I want to make sure my time is being well used.

If any of these get in, I’ll post the links here.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting site (aside from the annoying pop up) that I ran across that talks about content marketing and has some interesting ideas.  Hmm.  Slide share.  Could I do something there?

I also emailed my local library. They had a WWI exhibit of women veterans that was pretty awesome, so I told them I was a Desert Storm vet and asked if they wanted a Q&A session on “What was it like?”  Or a writing session on how to write military characters if you’ve never been in them military.

4 thoughts on “Discoverability Adventures: Week 2

  1. Pagadan November 12, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    It’s good to take advantage of those opportunities; I keep my eyes open all the time.

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    • Linda Maye Adams November 14, 2017 / 6:44 am

      True. You never know when something might turn into something else.


  2. Dawn Watson November 12, 2017 / 10:53 pm

    Try looking through the latest volume of the Writer’s Market. A lot of magazines (print and online both) are searching for essays, articles, and short fiction, and many of them actually pay writers for their effort. (Imagine that!) Also, try Kristine Katherine Rusch’s books “Discoverability” and “The Freelancer’s Survival Guide,” both of which will help you far more with those subjects than the advice you’ve been getting.

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    • Linda Maye Adams November 14, 2017 / 6:42 am

      I’ve read both of the books several times … may have to revisit them again. But I’ve had little luck getting noticed, and it feels right to go out and try different things and see what sticks.


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