Linda Maye Adams

Sue Grafton, RIP

I was shocked to hear Sue Grafton passed away.  Somehow, after seeing the march of books on the shelf, writers seem immortal until they aren’t.

I read Sue Grafton’s first book A is for Alibi after three books gave her visibility.  It was the 1980s and one of several writers emerging who wrote about women characters in non-traditional roles.

I grew up reading Nancy Drew, Trixie Beldon, and Kim Aldrich.  And then I got to the adult books and there wasn’t much of anything similar with women.  It was really frustrating!  I wanted to read about women having adventures, too!

Sue Grafton’s detective, Kinsey Milhone, was kind of a misfit private investigator, and a loner. She also lived in California (yay! Where I lived!), in the fictional city of Santa Teresa.  My father never understood that.  He’s always said, “Why doesn’t she just call it Santa Barbara?”.

I liked the character and the way she saw the world.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to grab a reader.

I’ll miss Kinsey’s adventures.


  1. Sad to hear … good books!

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  2. I’ll miss her books too. I was glad to hear she had loving and supportive friends & family with her at her ending.

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