Crying Planet: GALCOM Universe 1

Shuttle leaves space cruisar
Ghosts in space.  How cool is that?  But putting a civilian on a military spaceship was also an easy way to do a fish out of water.

Recruited for her ability to see ghosts, Hope Delgado’s first mission into space may be her last.  Alien ghosts infest a planet, threatening to destroy it.

But can Hope communicate with alien ghosts?

She faces distrust from the S.C. Kangjun’s skipper and his crew.  Her only friend: The ghost of the dead first skipper.

With the odds stacked against Hope, if she fails, a planet dies.

A riveting space adventure that takes you on a roller coaster ride.

A short novel available from your favorite booksellers.

Featured in the 2018 Military Science Fiction Storybundle!

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