Fantasy Books

My first leap into speculative fiction was fantasy, where I first saw a lot of woman characters surface.  Magic, monsters…yeah, I could deal.  Links and pages about the books are coming.

Dark, From the Sea cover of a lighthouse
I was inspired by this cover image.  Add monsters and stir.


Cover for Rogue God, showing a tiki face on a surfboard.
NOVEL: This, believe it or not, originated from fan fiction.  I never much liked other people’s characters; the ones I created kept taking over, so I turned it into a story.

Cover for Five Fantasy Heroines

Cover for 10 Fantasy Stories I


Tall ship in the harbor at night
We had a tall ship come into Alexandria, VA, which was awesome to see.  I wanted to create a story about the ship and the sea.


Tall ship on the sea
Years ago, I attended a seminar on Civil War maps.  They were expensive and hard to get, so I wondered if someone could have map magic.


Cover for Devil Lands showing a desert planet
This was inspired by a candle at a September 11 event.  I thought about how spies might communicate and got this story.


Woman seated on bench at night, with lantern.



Cover for River Flight
The anthology call was a princess, a lizard, and a boatman.  So I slapped a princess in the military with the rank of boatsman and warriors with a lizard motif were chasing her.
Cover for The Sea Listens
This was for a contest based on two photographs.  One photo was of the sea and rocks, so I thought California and away I went.

   Cover for Booby-Trap at Beaver River showing a woman standing on a cliff

Cover for Cartographer of Fotunes
This is my first map magic story.  I did as a superhero who has the powers to map out the lives of people.


Cover for Dance of the Wind Chimes
I was trying my hand at setting and put this in Arlington, VA.  Four Mile Run is a real local stream.
Cover for A Quartet of Clowns
Clowns get a bad rap because the disorted features make people laugh or frighten them.  So I thought there might be another reason for them…and it’s monster.


Seated woman holding a lantern in front of her.   Full moon with bats flying in front of it.