GALCOM Universe Series

When I was growing up, I watched Star Trek and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (yeah, I know, polar opposites).  I liked the idea of people on a ship going out into space and having adventures.

Space cruiser against the backdrop of a planet, the sun in the background
This started from old sailing stories like the Mary Celeste and the Flying Dutchman. Why not a spaceship?


Space station orbits planet. Shuttle heads for station
I was writing Crying Planet and just realized I had a series. I was still fresh on these characters, so I thought haunted space station and the rest is story.



Shuttle leaves space cruisar
I grew up reading my mother’s Fate Magazine subscription and enjoyed the ghost stories. So when there was an anthology call for ghosts, I went for it, and it turned into a novel.








2 thoughts on “GALCOM Universe Series

  1. I could tell how far I came as a writer with this show. For a long time, I would have done almost anything to get it on VHS. It wasn’t being shown anywhere, and no one was releasing it. Then it finally came out in DVD…and I was shocked at the carelessness of it. It wasn’t the monsters but the attitude “They’ll never notice” that producer Irwin Allen had. Like the crewman who died in Scene 5 and showed up alive in Scene 6. There were a lot of little things like that, so it wasn’t the same any more.

    Bob Dowdell died a few weeks ago, so the only regular cast left alive is David Hedison and Allan Hunt.


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