Science Fiction Books

After seeing Star Trek and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, I have a special love for adventuring out into space.  There weren’t many women in the science fiction books I read growing up, so I have lots of women having adventures.  Links to pages with blurbs coming soon.

GALCOM Universe Series

Spaceship orbiting a planet  Space station orbits planet. Shuttle heads for station  Cover of spaceship near planet as shuttle heads below





Science Fiction Short Stories

Back of man with digital code on his skin  Cover for 5 Futuristic Women Cover for Alien Traps




Cover for New Robot Smell A woman space soldier stretches. Tall ship sailing against the sunrise - cover for Men from the Horizon




A spaceship hovers above an alien landscape, a planet in the background  Cover for Sky Hair, a planet against a cliff backdropBrain with lightning




Cover art for Curseo of the Cat