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I’m writing this as I wait for the junk people to come pick up a chest of drawers.  It’s one of pieces that I’m getting rid of as the budget permits and replacing.  I bought them when I first transferred here for the military, and they’re no longer me.

I had a bad last year because the day job was pulling me in two different directions–which tends to happen when you’re one person trying to do a job that 3-4 people should have.  So getting rid of old furniture is at least a way for me to make a different on the home front.  Little changes, but important changes.

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There were some days at work where I felt like doing this.  It amazes me that companies always say “Make do with less” and not change anything–without understand the impacts.


I’m also updating my website.  There were two reasons for it.

The first was that someone visited my site and then emailed me and asked if I had any books on Amazon.  I’d thought it was obvious on the site…but apparently not.

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I’d done actor David Hedison’s site for many years (1997-2007) and duplicated what I did there, which was the same as what I was seeing on big name writer sites.

Of course, there was a nuance that I didn’t catch: If someone came to the site, they were already looking for David Hedison or checking on one of his films.  The discoverability already existed for him by his name.  Whereas, I need to make it easier for people who are stumbling across me for various reasons to find my books.

Then came the second reason, which was a timely blog post from Gill Andrews on websites. I love how things sometimes show up right when we need it.

But most of the advice I see assumes one or ten books.  After that, it gets pretty unwieldy.  I had to quit David’s site because it was very unwieldy.  He has over 200 credits, and we were putting up photos to help promote him.  The site had hundreds of pages and was time consuming to update.

And with Facebook changing algorithms, a website is actually the one thing I have total control over.

So I’m both trying to simplify my navigation and make my books more visible.  And also have some fun with it.

Christine McAlister mentioned that she wanted to know where I got the idea for stories from.  I’ve always thought that no one would be interested in that.  Yet, I have a post on the military that I thought was so routine that I almost didn’t do it, and it’s one of my most popular ones.  So, why not?

And I’m having some fun with the graphics as well.  You can see it on the My Books page itself, and the ideas in the captions on the pages I’ve already done.  Onward!

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  1. Pagadan March 15, 2018 / 11:03 am

    I can see why you’re clearing the decks.

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