Remake of She-Ra, Princess of Power

Normally, I haven’t been interested in many of the “remakes” of old TV series.  With too many of them, it’s obvious the makers only think of the old show as a title they might be able to make money with.

But with this announcement for She-Ra, Princess of Power, I’m at least interested enough to see where it goes.

It was a pretty good show when it originally aired in the 1980s.  It came out after He-Man and the Master of the Universe became popular.  Fat Albert was also a popular show (pretty sure after the recent celebrity trial, that’s going to be off-limits for a remake).

The world itself was developed to be like Tolkien’s (though a lot more pink and lavender).  One of the best things about it was there were a lot of women characters, and they were all portrayed as capable and resourceful.  That was something different than a lot of what I’d seen at the time.

I’m hoping Netflix doesn’t ruin it by going too dark.

4 thoughts on “Remake of She-Ra, Princess of Power

  1. She-Ra! Not sure if I should be glad or sad that I don’t have Netflix. You’re right, remakes nowadays are just too dark; they’re taking too much liberties with their creative license.


    1. Unfortunately, I think a lot of film companies see these old shows as money makers–slap the title on, “make it better,” and people will come. Eventually we’ll start seeing a trend of new stuff…this one has to burn itself out eventually.


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