I’ve been cleaning out my walk-in closet, which has been like a black hole and not very walk-in.  Very much needed clean out.  I’m astounded how many plastic boxes I accumulated–I’ve gotten rid of 16…so far.

I’m still trying to figure out how I accumulated all of them. 😦

So I’ve made a goal for myself that I cannot buy any storage items at all until I’ve really gotten a handle on everything.  Still, I found myself thinking that I needed box hanging folders.  Which is probably how 16+ plastic boxes in the first place.

Yes, I mightily restrained myself from buying any box folders.

The first thing I tackled was the military stuff, since I was finding it scattered everywhere.  Multiple patches showed up in various places, so I consolidated everything together.

Here’s a picture of the three patches I wore on active duty:

Military patches for FORSCOM, 7th Transportation Group, and Washington Military District

The one on the right with the three stripes is the FORSCOM (Forces Command) patch, which everyone on Fort Lewis wore.  You can see the color one here.

The middle patch is from 7th Transportation Group.  A group is like a brigade, and encompasses many battalions.  This was the group my unit came under during Desert Storm.  This particular patch is my war patch.  It appears like the group was shut down at some point, but there’s still a picture of the color patch.

The patch on the right is for the Military District of Washington (DC).  If you were in a unit in Washington DC, this was the patch you wore.  I tried to find this one online, but it looks like it was discontinued at some point and was replaced by one with the Washington Monument with a sword in front of it.

It’s amazing how much things have changed.

The event where I get to wear my uniform hasn’t happened yet.  I thought it was Memorial Day event, but it’s actually a celebration of the Army birthday.  The event will be on June 14.