Contest Giveaway: Guess the Actress

Since no one guessed this, I’m going to call time on it.

This actress is Barbara Luna, who starred as the captain’s woman in the Star Trek fan favorite (and mine!), “Mirror, Mirror!”  I had to crop the photo to not give it away–there’s a picture of her and the mirror Spock sitting on the table.

Photo of actress at her table at a con

I’m doing a contest!  First person to guess who this actress is gets a coupon code for the 2018 Military SF Bundle!

Hint: She was on Star Trek.


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4 thoughts on “Contest Giveaway: Guess the Actress

  1. Peggy

    I’m fairly certain she was the female warrior in the episode, “Gamesters of Triskelion.” That said, I am not remembering her name without Googling (Bing-ing, Dogpiling, or other searching), so I’m out.


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