Flash Fiction Challenge #1

Sometimes it’s easy to do something to mess yourself up when it comes to the writing.  I really want to write full time, and get out my day job.  That means writing longer fiction like novels because it sells better.

And once I set the goal of writing longer fiction, I stalled out because I tied the money to it.  I’ve been shocked at how little I’ve been accomplishing, even though I’m writing every day.

So I’m taking on a Flash Fiction Challenge to get me going again.

Flash Fiction is a story that is 1,000 words or less.  I previously sworn off them because they’re harder to find homes for.  There is a sweet spot for length.  1K–there are pro markets.  Anything shorter, it’s very hard to find anything that pays at all.  Likewise, many indie platforms will not take anything shorter like that.

But 1K is nice because it is doable in a day.

The rules (in case anyone wants to join in):

  1. Story has to be 1,000 words.  Not under, not over.  That’s with the five senses, the setting, characterization.
  2. One story a day.  This is just until September 16, and then I’ll reassess what I want to do next.
  3. It goes out to a market first.  In this case, I’m looking for the market first, particularly themed calls.

Challenge Stories:

  • Story #1: Mystery, set in Hollywood 1940s, called Lost Starlet.


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge #1

  1. horrorwriterchristopherridge September 9, 2018 / 10:53 am

    Nice challenge Linda. I love flash fiction. I’ll join in with you and do the challenge as well. For me, just about everything I write are short stories. I’ve tried writing longer books but I lose interest in them. Not as much fun for me like short stories are. I’ve always been that way. Probably because that’s primarily what I read.

    I can understand about wanting to get away from your day job. I often wondered if I was cheating myself by not writing longer books. I talked to Dean W Smith about this just recently and he told me not to worry about it and just let the stories be what they are and things will fall in place. He did encourage me to produce more collections on the making more money side which I did fall short on doing. Harvey stanbrough told me the same thing as well.
    This was my own stuggle that I needed to leave my critical brain out of the picture.

    Looking forward to writing along with you

    All best


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