Flash Fiction Challenge #3

My car is in the shop today, overnight with an expensive repair.  The catalytic converter needs to be replaced.  So I sat in the dealer’s room for about two hours while they checked the car and worked on Story #3, then came home and redrafted it.  The dealership was really noisy, so it was hard to get myself focused.

The story uses a cool piece of historical fact that I picked up researching the 1940s.  There was an event called the Battle of Los Angeles.  Pearl Harbor had just happened, so everyone was seeing Japanese submarines everywhere, even when they weren’t there.  My grandmother, who lived in San Francisco at the time, reported that citizens did submarine watches on the shores.  So a lot of fear.  That night, someone spotted…something, and the military overreacted.  Afterwards, they thought it was a weather balloon, but no one is really sure.

Challenge Stories:

  • Story #1: Mystery, set in Hollywood 1940s, called Lost Starlet.
  • Story #2: Fantasy, set after a war, called Robinwood
  • Story #3: Science fiction, set on February 25, 1942, called Time Drop