Flash Fiction Challenge #4

One of the challenges for me is that I’m in a job where they say “Make do with less.”  Which is just an excuse businesses use.  It means they can heap more work on people and not make changes they may need to make.  So I spent a lot of time looking time management books and sites.

A lot of the gurus seem to think that it’s possible to jam as much in the day as possible, doing their system, or using the right tools.  I recently ran across an article that says we’re turning fun into not fun.  People don’t go out on walks to see nature; they do 10,000 steps.  They don’t eat and enjoy food; they track it on an app.  I think there’s waaaaay too many tools to track everything, and that’s how this store was born.  It was a lot of fun to write!

Challenge Stories

  • Story #1: Mystery, set in Hollywood 1940s, called Lost Starlet.
  • Story #2: Fantasy, set after a war, called Robinwood
  • Story #3: Science fiction, set on February 25, 1942, called Time Drop
  • Story #4: Science fiction, set in the near future, called The Schedule