Escaping the World

It’s not been a good two weeks because of all the hysteria and nastiness in the media.  And it’s toxic, especially for my creativity.  After reading the book Your Happiness is Hacked (and highly recommended!), it was very eye opening to how we’re being manipulated by social media.

But the book also mentions that people spend their time on their SmartPhones and don’t get out in nature much any more.  So I thought a trip out to have some fun was in order.  Nature is one of the greatest things for refreshing me.

I found Occuquan Regional Park.  It’s a  park with boating ramps and some nice paths following along the Occuquan River.

This is a view of the river.   Though it looks like it’s about to storm, it never did.  I’m still waiting for some rain.  And it’s humid!

View of Occuquan River from Occuquan Regional Park

Some fall colors.  We’re still about a month off from all the trees turning, so these are some early birds.  I think these are oaks.

Some of the trees are turning orange!

And a historical sighting.  This is called the Beehive Kiln.  Some of the history is here.

Round brick kiln and brick smoke stack





One thought on “Escaping the World

  1. YariGarciaWrites October 7, 2018 / 1:58 pm

    This blog post speaks to my soul 😊 I will definitely check out that book (thanks for the recommendation!).

    I very recently decided to change how I live my days. I stopped reading the news (if it’s that important, it will reach me), I’ve started giving myself only an hour or so of internet time, and I am doing a lot more physical, real-life activities.

    One thing I already noticed– my days seemed to have stretched to 40 hours! 😂 I feel like I have so much extra time!

    I hope you enjoy your time away from all the craziness. I sure have 😉

    Take care,

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