New Release for April

A tall ship on the water

Ambush Cargo

Ariah’s touch tells her stories.  About objects, about people, about death.

A tall ship arrives in port, carrying a story that no one wants to hear.  Legacy of war?  Or worse?

Ariah must confront dark secrets to investigate.  The answers may be deadly.

A twisted fantasy short story of growing evil that keeps you turning pages.

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A mermaid by a coral reef

Here Be Merfolk

The call of the deep rings ever in our ears, from myth and legend to crime and mystery. Sea-people, mer and monster, immortals and reluctant heroes feature in this sea-worthy bundle.

This a bundle featuring novels and short stories by such writers as Alan Dean Foster, Debbie Mumford, and of course me.  My story is Dark, From the Sea.

Available from your favorite booksellers.