Book Cover Refresh #1

I’ve been doing some book refreshes–updating the bio, the blurb, and the keywords.  I’ve learned a lot about blurbs and most of my old ones need the update.  But I noticed that some of the covers felt a little dated.  So I’ve been doing cover refreshes as well.

Selecting the images is tricky.  I’m visual spatial, so images always appeal to me.  That also doesn’t mean they necessarily make good covers.  My criteria for selecting them:

  1. I like artwork rather than photos.  As a reader, I won’t pick a cover because of a photo image but I will because of artwork.  There’s just something more magical about artwork.
  2. The image shouldn’t be too dark, and I mean that in both senses of the word.  I don’t want gritty.  That doesn’t fit me or my writing.  But I also don’t want images that are overall all too dark.  It makes it harder to get color sampling that can be used on the title and my name.
  3. It should fit the genre and the sense of the story.  In the early days of indie, I ran across a writer who had written a thriller set in on a snow-covered mountain.  So she slapped on a photo of a peaceful snowy field.  No.   Seriously, no.

The Old Cover

Cover for Foggy Paws showing a girl and a dog
This is the original cover I did back in 2016.  It wasn’t quite one of the first covers I did, but it was in the first five.  The story has a dog in it, so I wanted a dog image.  At the time, it was a challenge because most of the dog images are photos.  At the time, I was willing to do a photo, but they didn’t feel like images for a book cover.  Then I found this one.  I liked the colors and I went with it

The image comes from Dreamstime.


The New Cover

Woman seated on a rock on the beach, looking out at the water

I started out looking for a cover for an entirely different book.  I was having a lot of trouble finding an image (darn it!), but then I saw this one.  Bang.  That’s Foggy Paws.  It conveys the feeling of the story far better than the original image.

For this one, I used my newer template for the covers, which has guides all around the outside edges.  You can tell where some of the guides are…under the y at the bottom and right along the woman’s back.  Since this book is a general fiction story, I thought the script font would be nice and it fits the image.

The image comes from IStockPhotos.


Dogs always know.

Deep in grief over her grandfather’s death, Jennifer Day finds a friend in a black Labrador named Candy Cane.

Candy Cane gives her courage when she needs it and it transforms her life.

A heartwarming story of grief and loss.

For the book itself, you can find it here.

Off to the next one!