May Releases & Cover Refreshes

The New Books!

A ghostly woman with glowing red eyes stands by a barren tree


Ghostly Tales I

Three chilling fantasy tales of ghosts…



(This is an abbreviated blurb because all of the individual stories are below)

Available from your favorite booksellers.  Is this an awesome cover?  I liked this image so much I’m getting a second by the same artist.


Woman walking through tunnel

Stain of Ghost

Stone mage Margaret Day thought the faces of the automatons gave her nightmares.

But what the Know-Nothings did to the construction of the Washington Monument makes the nightmares seem tame.

A haunted stone, deep within the monument, tainted with evil.  Can she fight the evil?

A page-turning story of dark secrets.

Available from your favorite booksellers. (This is still publishing and may take a day or so.)

Cover Refreshes

Woman in 1800s dress burning a paper next to a window

Curse of the Cat

The nightmares never stop.  Not since Edward Wight purchased the painting haunted by the artist.

It watches.  It intrudes on his dreams.  It tells him to die.

His only chance?  Maz, a sculpturer with crazy inventions.  Can she help him before time runs out?

A twisted tale of dark secrets and growing evil.

Available from your favorite booksellers.


Woman standing next to a ghost

The August Ghost

Sometimes ghosts can be too helpful.  But Private Investigator Tibby Clarke just wants respect from her grandfather ghost.

A routine case takes Tibby into the Washington DC suburbs…a strange place for a ghost partner with nineteenth century sensibilities.

But when the case turns deadly, her ghostly grandfather may be the only person standing between her and life and death.

A twisted fantasy tale with a terrifying secret.

Available from your favorite booksellers.

Flying saucer hover over tree covered mountain

Alien Traps

On the journey to adulthood, Lily Chun left herself behind. Does the child who set out boxes to trap aliens exist anymore?

A dream of aliens draws Lily Chu to the California desert. Hoping to see a UFO.

Plain silliness, her family says. So she must take a leap of faith.

Then another woman arrives. Like her. Looking for aliens.

A heartwarming science fiction short story.

Available from your favorite booksellers.