July Cover Refreshes

Got a bunch of book refreshes.  So much fun picking out new covers.  More details on the old covers vs the new covers will follow!

Cover for Rogue God

Beneath the island beauty lurks deadly magic.

Magic booby-traps waiting years to kill, and worse.  Like making monsters.

Anton Keymas, member of the Vai, a magical Special Forces, launches on his most perilous mission.  Two soldiers missing.  Probably dead.

Keymas may not be able to stop the killing spree.

A twisted fantasy of magic and monsters that takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

Available from your favorite booksellers.

Woman stands on shore with a lantern

Voices ride the fog, in from the sea.  Real?  Or magic?

Meredith tries to find answers.  Her grandfather dead, walked into the sea.

Did the voices call to him?  What do they want?  Now they call to Meredith.

Haunted by the loss, Meredith takes a journey of discovery in this heartwarming tale.

Available from your favorite booksellers.

Woman conjuring up fiery skull

Stranded by war, fire mage Neyan waits for the devil winds to complete one last desperate mission: kill the enemy

Then Captain Jabell rides into town.   Different from the others, he makes Neyan see the man, not the enemy.

For the first time, she questions her mission. But she must break the chains of this endless war…can she?

A dark, twisted tale of betrayal from Linda Maye Adams.

Available from your favorite booksellers.


Fairy against a full moon and sparkling water


Every year, water sprites visit Lynn’s family’s swimming pool, drawn by the ancestral bloodlines.

But now her grandmother can no longer manage for herself.  Lynn must take up the family obligation.

Half-Korean, Lynn wonders if the water sprites will accept her.

A heartwarming tale that will change Lynn’s fate forever.

Available from your favorite booksellers.


2 thoughts on “July Cover Refreshes

  1. Pagadan July 4, 2019 / 6:47 pm

    Dance of the Wind Chimes: Love the title and cover.

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  2. Linda Maye Adams July 7, 2019 / 9:09 am

    When I asked myself what a fairy would sound like, I thought wind chimes. They have a mystical quality to them.


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