Cover Refresh #6

Rogue God definitely needed a cover refresh.  It was the first novel I put up, and I had a terrible time finding anything that would work.  I think it takes a lot of time and practice finding the right keyword combinations to find images.

Original Version

Cover for Rogue God, showing a tiki face on a surfboard.


When I built this cover, I tried looking for an image of a male main character in a modern fantasy setting.  The main character is Polynesian, so I was trying to find anything like that (nope, not happening).  So I tried the setting.  The book is in an alternate world of Hawaii, and let me tell you…Hawaii is not good for action book covers.  Everything looks very romantic!

It was so problematic, I debated paying for a cover.

New Version

Man faces a giant spider in the woods

Man Magic Fantasy landed me this cover image.  It was on the first search page and it fits the book.  There is a giant spider and a giant centipede in the book.  And hands down, this looks like something from a New York house.  Isn’t this an awesome image?

The image is vertical, so this is only a partial view.  You can see the whole image here.  My name is sampled from the eyes, and the title from the lines on the monster.

You can find the book here.

One thought on “Cover Refresh #6

  1. Pagadan July 9, 2019 / 2:04 pm

    I like using the text colors from the image.


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