Cover Refresh #8

Since my last refresh was for a dark story, I thought I’d hit my first attempt at veering away from dark stories.  When I came back from Desert Storm, it affected my writing in ways I didn’t expect.  Everything was dark.  Worse, I couldn’t see it.  When I consciously tried to steer away, I found myself dropping ideas because they were going to skew dark.

The story itself was conceived at a swimming pool with the sun sparkling off it.  I set it locally and used some of the local landmarks.

First Cover

Cover for Dance of the Wind Chimes


I look at this one now, and it gets a “Meh.”  It was where I was at with covers at the time, but isn’t me, now.

A friend purchased this story to support the writer.  Unfortunately, he told me the reason why.  Because it was short.  Sigh.  Support your writer friends by buying books that you want to read.

But it was, indeed, my “not-dark” story.

Second Cover

Fairy against a full moon and sparkling water


I like the brighter colors here, and in fact, it better conveys the “not-dark” I want for this story.  Plus the fairies in the story are water fairies, so this shows the water.  This was pretty simple to put together.  Title color comes from her pupils.  I played with the title font a little.

You can find the story here.