Cover Refresh #9

Devil Winds is one of the last dark stories I wrote.   The story was inspired by a 911 ceremony I went to at work.   They had a table up on the stage with two candles.  That reminded me of spies, and the story was born.

First Cover

Cover for Devil Lands showing a desert planet


Unlike some of the older covers, I still like this image.  I started out looking for images of characters, but I couldn’t find anything that made me happy, so I went for setting.  However, I think now that it looks too generic and doesn’t tell enough about the story.

Second Cover

Woman conjuring up fiery skull


This is the one I decided on because it’s not quite as dark as some of the other choices, but has dark elements.  I wanted to make sure the reader knew this was a dark story while fitting it into with what my covers are today.

There’s actually a cauldron in the image, which I covered up with my name.  The character has fire magic, so that’s what I wanted to everyone to focus on.  The original image was centered, so I slid it over to the right a bit.

Both colors in the title come from the fire magic.

The book is available here.


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  1. Pagadan July 30, 2019 / 6:39 pm

    I think I like the first cover better.


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