Busting Writing Rules Cover

White cat with gray points and wearing glasses staring straight at you


Here’s the cover from Busting Writing Rules: 12 Rules That Hurt Writers.  Chapters of the book are going to appear on the blog starting the first week in August.  These are all the topics:

  1. Give Yourself Permission to Write Crap
  2. You Must Outline
  3. Make the Character Suffer
  4. Write What You Know
  5. Keep Description to a Minimum
  6. Write Straight Through
  7. Best Sellers Don’t Know What They’re Doing
  8. Only Use Said for Dialogue Tags
  9. Show Not Tell
  10. Avoid Passive Voice
  11. No Dream Sequences
  12. No Adverbs

Now I get to do the behind the scenes for the cover.

Covers for writing books are hard.

It’s just a hard topic to illustrate.  What represents writing?

  • Pencil, fountain pen, quill
  • Typewriter (usually an old Royal), typewriter keys, computer
  • Light bulb, or some other sign of creativity

For me, just a “Meh.”

But cats, books, and writing are linked together.  Cats sitting on books…usually the one you want to read…cats sitting on keyboards when you want to write…

Plus, cats are rule breakers anyway.

So I went looking for cats and books.  Wasn’t generally what I was looking for.  Too busy, not quite right.

Maybe…cats and glasses?

And I found this image right away.  All the colors are sampled from the cat’s fur.

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  1. Pagadan August 4, 2019 / 6:48 pm

    Mostly I don’t like animals wearing glasses–or clothes, but this is cute!

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