Diversity of Opinion

One of the things I find frustrating about the writing world is that certain writing gurus are revered.  You can’t ask questions, or for that matter be different.

Panel of writers from the opening session.
So many writers I couldn’t get them all in one shot.

I’ve always craved learning more about writing.  I grew up reading books on writing and didn’t realize there was much more beyond what they said.  But as I grew as a writer, I realized the books said the same thing.  They were also decidedly lacking because they all said the same thing.

In fact, because of how I grew up, the more someone says, “This is the way to do it,” my reaction is, “What’s the other side?”  It makes me want to explore other areas rather than the bucket the people are trying to drive me to.

This last week, I went to the Superstars Writing Seminar 2020, an annual writing conference focused primarily on the business side of writing.  It’s a lot of writers with different experiences coming together to give everyone what they’ve learned. 

Not all it is the same.  Some of it disagrees with what the others are saying.

I like that.  I can take what works for me, but I can also hear the different opinions without people lecturing me that I’m not following the “program.”

These are some of the panels and workshops I went to:

  • Writing Fight and Action Scenes (from Craft Fest) – from Jonathan Maberry in case you want to study his action scenes.  Action scenes are not just about documenting the action.  There’s a lot more than plays into it, even long after the action scene has ended.
  • Protagonist and Antagonist (from Craft Fest) – From Jim Butcher.  I was writing things to do in the project I’m working on now. Quote from the workshop:  “There are no mistakes when you write—just happy accidents.”
  • Lots of Eggs in Lots of Baskets – from Dan Wells.  This was on income streams, but covered more writing-related streams like plays, creating settings for games, foreign rights.  Takeaway:  Even if it doesn’t pay much, it’s still money I didn’t have before.

Finally, one of the things I walked away with was that I’m going to try writing Middle-Grade books.  So it should be interesting!

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