No writing doesn’t mean no progress. While I’m waiting for the world to settle down, I’m still still updating some of my older book covers and interiors.

Onward to the next batch!

5 Fantasy Heroines

Original cover is on the left. New cover on the right.

I can see why I liked the original cover, and yet it’s not what I would pick now. When I saw this new picture, I got it because I knew I would use it somewhere. The artwork is by the same person I picked for Action Tales I.

This book has a title change to 5 Fantasy Heroines, just make it more consistent with the others I’ve already done.

This one in particular has a visible demonstration of my cover template. I have guides set on the template so the text doesn’t get too close to the margins. On the old ones, I was lining them right up along the edges, like I would do in a PowerPoint (where there is an additional margin built in).

Devil Winds

One of the great things about doing your own covers is that if you run across a better image later on, it’s easy to update.

In this case, the left one is a refresh from last year, but when I saw the one of the right, it was perfect for Devil Winds. The artist is the same one from above.

For Pantsers: A Guide to Writing

As before, old cover (refresh from a few years ago) on the left, new cover on the right.

This was a hard cover to do. Fiction writing is an incredibly difficult subject to illustrate. The left one looks more like my fiction covers in the formatting. I had also changed the title to remove the subtitle with that refresh (Pantser’s Guide to Writing: You are Not Broken). Edited to add: new title is Writer’s Guide 1: Writing for Pantsers. Cover is changing again…

But a non-fiction book needs a subtitle. So the new one looks more like a non-fiction book and has a title change. The search to find this image was “imagination.” Lots of fun images for that, but it took forever to find the image.

I wrote this book four years ago, and the content feels very dated to me now because I’ve learned so much. I’m debating an update to the content or possibly another book.