So much of what we all see on TV and in movies about the military is often wrong.  Soldiers don’t act like soldiers.  I was horrified watching Robotech post-military because the main character is very disrespectful to his superiors.

This book came from an online class I did at Forward Motion. Recycling at its best!

It has a facelift to both the title and the cover.  It never had a subtitle and all non-fiction does.  So it’s becoming: Writer’s Guide 2: Military Culture.

Original is the left cover.  New cover is on the right.

Writing is an incredibly hard topic to illustrate.  For years longer than they should have, The Writer Magazine used the fifties-style digest cover.  At the same time, Writer’s Digest had some pretty goofy covers like giant pencils.  They’ve both since gone to author photos instead.

At the time of the original cover, I was simply looking for something that said military and wasn’t too specific.  So I picked a silhouette. 

The new cover was the result of a search for another image to use for the Pantser’s book (now going to be called Writer’s Guide 1: Writing for Pantsers).  Cats really are interlocked with writers!

This cover took more work to build than my typical ones. I created two rectangles, one for the border, and one for the interior of the border.  The reason for the border was because I needed one.  Otherwise, the white part of the book would disappear on a page like this. 

As it turned out, I like the way the border works.

Rethinking the titles also made me consider doing another writing book: Writer’s Guide 3: Time in Fiction. What do you think?