Story #3 is in the can.

One of the things I’ve started doing after I finish a story is a review. Not of the story itself, but of aspects in the process I can improve on.

From my experience with the second story, I decided to simply call this one Story 3 and figure out the title as I got near the end (“Hunted”). Very different story than the original one from now about four years ago.


I’m sticking with the naming convention. I even adapted it to the novels. That keeps my inner critic from fussing about the perfect title.

But the story still took about 8 hours to write, mostly with nailing down the first scene. I’m finding that’s a critical scene. If I get all the pieces in place, the rest of the story will happen. My goal is to get it down to seven hours (minus any final editing cleanup), just a small bite off the ultimate goal of about four hours.

I also did research in conjunction with writing, specifically on:

  • Names of characters
  • Trees and fall colors in the Cascades (left to my own devices, I would have thought there weren’t any. I grew up in Southern California. Fall didn’t have much of a color change).
  • Shades of color. I was working some creative muscles to use other names for colors besides black or white (and you can search for this online for ideas). I used white smoke for a color.

But I think I need to do that separate of the writing. It takes the wrong kind of mental energy for the story. It’s also not actually writing, so it can come off the time writing.

And Story 4…

Also mining from a past story, possibly for an anthology call. I’ve been doing something not in stories prior to the first one. I took an emotions class, so I’ve been working at adding emotions to the stories. Which is one of the reasons I was paying more attention to color choices.

Surprising fact: Most writers don’t add enough emotions to their stories.

That’s probably how writers end up frustrated at showing angry by having a character make a fist.

Story 4 will take creativity & travel to another planet.

There’s so much about creativity in the business world…book after book on how to be creative. People don’t know how anymore. What would creativity be like in the future?