I’m winding down on the Great Challenge with my 52nd story and glad to get back to finishing up my superhero novel, Superhero Portal.

In the meantime, I’m part of two promotions where you can download a bunch of free fiction! Like we all need more books, right? Yeah, but books…

Kindle Unlimited

I’m sharing the stage with 49 other wonderful writers. There’s a little bit of something for everyone interested in reading speculative fiction. It includes:

  • Two superhero stories (one’s mine! I think we both used the same image artist)
  • Urban fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Romance

Looks like a lot of fun reading! Pick up your free books here: Kindle Unlimited. .

Short Fantasy Reads

If you like reading short stories, this one’s for you. It’s focused entirely on the short story, and there are 18 free stories to choose! Grab your books at Short Fantasy Reads.