Up a little later this morning, so only some time for 15 minutes on Twitter.  The wind’s blowing pretty cold outside.  The weather’s normal for this time of the year, though it’s early.  The winds come after the leaves turn (so it can knock the leaves off the trees).

Still getting used to the new Windows 11 interface.  Everything’s in a different place.  I also have to unpin all the “helpful” icons, which don’t include two I use regularly.  It seems to be what Microsoft thinks I ought to use.  Sigh.

Some writing after work.  I’m dragging again. I think it’s the weather.  Sometimes all you can do is plug away at it anyway, even if it isn’t much.  But I get an hour in though I don’t feel terribly productive.

NCIS’s is on and I discover an inside joke or Easter egg on NCIS.  In an early episode, Tony discovers a closetful of Hawaiian shirts, including a Thomas Magnum shirt from Magnum P.I.  Magnum P.I. was a show produced by NCIS’s producer, Donald Bellisario.  The dog’s names, Zeus and Apollo also were mentioned, and Zeus is another inside joke.  Magnum PI had been running for a few years before Airwolf.  One of the characters on Airwolf was code-named Zeus.