New Book: Golden Lies

Woman in red 1940s dress stands by window.

Hollywood, 1947: A film star missing…a movie studio executive in trouble…

Private Investigator Al Travers feels the pressure.  Trapped between a politician and a movie executive, he must find the film star and the deadly secret she hides.

But time is running out and his search for the truth may cost him his life.

An exciting and twisted tale of Hollywood and the lies of Tinsel Town.

Available from your favorite bookseller.

The Library Card Catalog

When I go to the library to find a specific book, I go to a computer terminal and type in the search criteria.

But it wasn’t always that way.

The library’s list of books used to be on index cards.  They were often typed with a manual typewriter, and dog-eared from all the fingers going through them.

The books all had a pocket either on the inside front cover or the inside back cover.  You wrote your name on the card, the librarian date stamped it, then filed it away.  And you went home to read the book (or stack of books).

I was hunting down when the index card was invented and ran across A Short History of Index Cards.  What’s really interesting is the man who invented the Dewey Decimal System thought eventually everything would go digital.  And now you have to read the article so can see what date he made this prediction.  Astounding!

The Army and Women in the WAC

Interesting article on what happened when the Army let women enlist in the WAC during World War II.  A lot of one size fits all, even when it didn’t…

And still somewhat true when I enlisted.  Uniforms were made for the average man, so it was hard to get ones that fit right (and also shorter men).  My “small” flack vest was so big that when I sat down, it pushed up the back of my helmet.

The Portal Room

View of the bed with a large wooden headboard. Sink is to the left.

For my trip the the family house, I stayed in what we call The Portal Room.

Ornate fireplace, framed by stained glass

It’s called that because all the ghosts use the fire place as a portal to the house.  Several family members have seen the ghosts of children here.  The ghosts are friendly–they are past family members coming to visit.

I didn’t see any ghosts, or even experience the sensation of a presence or being watched.  But there are three rooms in the house, all in the same area, where there is a lot of activity.  The ghosts come in and move things around.

A few more pictures of the room…

Antique dresser with mirror

And a sign that’s in the room that you won’t see anywhere:

Sign: This room is equipped with Edison Electric Light. Do not attempt to light with a match. Simply turn key on wall by the door. The use of electricity for lighting is in no way harmful to health, nor does it affect the soundness of sleep.