Christmas in Washington DC

This is a beautiful song that gets played every year in Washington, DC.

Let it Snow Star Trek Style

Robin Bangerter from my Fort Lewis days sent along this fun video.  Thanks, Robin!


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What’s Your Christmas Naughty?

Reindeer tangled up in Christmas lights

This week, someone put up a Christmas display where you could write on butcher paper your “nice” or your “naughty.”  Everyone’s had fun writing up silly entries like “I was naughty all year so Santa doesn’t have to visit” (on the nice side).  Someone had posted dog misbehavior on the naughty side, so I made sure cats were represented with “I knock stuff off.” (Cats are really good for naughty, since they don’t care.)

What’s your Christmas naughty?  Have fun making stuff up!

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Me and Dogs

These are photos of my brother’s dogs at Thanksgiving.  This is me with Eggplant (the black dog) and Lily (the brown dog.

Me on the floor with Eggplant and Lily

Eggplant is giving me serious attitude: Why are taking pictures?  You should be petting me!

Eggplant giving me the eye

Lily with the propeller tail.

Lily wagging her tail

And Nugget, the butterfly dog, who was surprisingly hard to photograph.

Nugget seated on a chair