Photo: Eddie Albert and 2 Military Connections

Eddie Albert smiles and shakes hands with the crowds

This photo is of actor Eddie Albert.  He’s well-known for his starring role in the TV series Green Acres.  But he was also in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea pilot episode “Eleven Days to Zero.”  His character described Captain Crane (David Hedison) as being “unimaginative,” which the other character found quite insulting.

But Eddie Albert was also in the Navy and was in World War II.  He had a harrowing experience in the Battle of Tarawa.  Military History of the Upper Lakes gives a detailed description of what went on, so drop on over for a bit of military history.

So that was how the second military connection shows up.  This photo was taken at the Naval Museum in Washington, DC.  Somewhere between 1996 and 1998, the Navy built a fountain out front (I tried to look up when, but I couldn’t find it).  It was likely on an important Navy anniversary because the military had a holiday for it that year.

The fountain was being turned off for the first time.  The Navy brought it water from all the seven seas.  Eddie Albert poured it into the fountain as it came on.

After that, he went around and shook everyone’s hands, including mine.  I exchanged a brief conversation with him and I remember that he did not seem to be all there.  He passed away in 2005 and had Alzheimer’s then, so I may have seen that.

I’m glad I had the chance to meet him!