Cover Refresh #9

Devil Winds is one of the last dark stories I wrote.   The story was inspired by a 911 ceremony I went to at work.   They had a table up on the stage with two candles.  That reminded me of spies, and the story was born.

First Cover

Cover for Devil Lands showing a desert planet


Unlike some of the older covers, I still like this image.  I started out looking for images of characters, but I couldn’t find anything that made me happy, so I went for setting.  However, I think now that it looks too generic and doesn’t tell enough about the story.

Second Cover

Woman conjuring up fiery skull


This is the one I decided on because it’s not quite as dark as some of the other choices, but has dark elements.  I wanted to make sure the reader knew this was a dark story while fitting it into with what my covers are today.

There’s actually a cauldron in the image, which I covered up with my name.  The character has fire magic, so that’s what I wanted to everyone to focus on.  The original image was centered, so I slid it over to the right a bit.

Both colors in the title come from the fire magic.

The book is available here.


Cover Refresh #8

Since my last refresh was for a dark story, I thought I’d hit my first attempt at veering away from dark stories.  When I came back from Desert Storm, it affected my writing in ways I didn’t expect.  Everything was dark.  Worse, I couldn’t see it.  When I consciously tried to steer away, I found myself dropping ideas because they were going to skew dark.

The story itself was conceived at a swimming pool with the sun sparkling off it.  I set it locally and used some of the local landmarks.

First Cover

Cover for Dance of the Wind Chimes


I look at this one now, and it gets a “Meh.”  It was where I was at with covers at the time, but isn’t me, now.

A friend purchased this story to support the writer.  Unfortunately, he told me the reason why.  Because it was short.  Sigh.  Support your writer friends by buying books that you want to read.

But it was, indeed, my “not-dark” story.

Second Cover

Fairy against a full moon and sparkling water


I like the brighter colors here, and in fact, it better conveys the “not-dark” I want for this story.  Plus the fairies in the story are water fairies, so this shows the water.  This was pretty simple to put together.  Title color comes from her pupils.  I played with the title font a little.

You can find the story here.


Cover Refresh #7

This short story was the first one I published, so it’s actually my oldest cover.  The story itself won a contest, which required the use of a photo of two rock pillars at sea and a wooden door.  Pretty cool.

Original Version

Woman in water reaching for glow

I saw this image and it was “That’s the story.”  I actually still like the image, but it also feels a little out of date for me now.  Hurts nothing either to shake things up and see if I can get sales by changing it.

You’ll also see here–and you can compare with the new one–on the placement on the text.  I’m pretty close to the top and bottom, as well as the sides.  When Draft2Digital gets out of beta for print books, I’d have to redo this alone for that reason.  There needs to be space for some bleed.  At the time, I didn’t know I was supposed to leave that space.

Also with my newer cover knowledge, I probably would have flipped the image and maybe adjusted it down so her hand is pointing to the lower right corner.

New Version

Woman stands on shore with a lantern

It’s a lot of fun looking for images, especially when I find one that makes me go “Wow!”  This is a wonderful image.

The text is actually from the dress, which looks white, but has shades of gray.  It was tough right around the title, so I duplicated the layer and pulled a dark blue from the sea background.  I shifted that behind the title text and adjusted it slightly to the left.  You can see the shadow of it on the T, but it makes it more readable.

Also complete the two images and where I have the text placed.

You can find the story here.

Cover Refresh #6

Rogue God definitely needed a cover refresh.  It was the first novel I put up, and I had a terrible time finding anything that would work.  I think it takes a lot of time and practice finding the right keyword combinations to find images.

Original Version

Cover for Rogue God, showing a tiki face on a surfboard.


When I built this cover, I tried looking for an image of a male main character in a modern fantasy setting.  The main character is Polynesian, so I was trying to find anything like that (nope, not happening).  So I tried the setting.  The book is in an alternate world of Hawaii, and let me tell you…Hawaii is not good for action book covers.  Everything looks very romantic!

It was so problematic, I debated paying for a cover.

New Version

Man faces a giant spider in the woods

Man Magic Fantasy landed me this cover image.  It was on the first search page and it fits the book.  There is a giant spider and a giant centipede in the book.  And hands down, this looks like something from a New York house.  Isn’t this an awesome image?

The image is vertical, so this is only a partial view.  You can see the whole image here.  My name is sampled from the eyes, and the title from the lines on the monster.

You can find the book here.

New Releases

Woman with battle axes approaches ruins at sunset


Action Tales I

Three tales of action and adventure.

River Flight

A princess turned soldier, Boatman Juliette faces her greatest challenge.  Her father, dead.  Her uncle, plotting against her. She must make a treacherous race up a river to reach the palace. The enemy waits, ready for an ambush. An exciting story that will keep you turning pages until the end.

Booby-Trap at Beaver River

Private Penelope Prescott wants respect. One of the women recruited to fill war losses, she gets no respect from her fellow soldiers. But now her regiment is fleeing enemy forces and a booby-trap lays in their path.  The regiment’s survival rests on her. She faces insurmountable obstacles to save the regiment in this chilling tale of adventure.

A Quartet of Clowns

With the fog comes death. Ilya smells it coming.  The last time?  Her mother, a clown, died. Now the circus arrives, hunting what lurks in the fog.  Ilya must embrace her mother’s legacy before death takes her. A chilling fantasy short story that keeps you turning pages.

Honorable mention recipient in the Writers of the Future contest.

Available from your favorite booksellers!


Astronaut woman on planet's surface

Cursed Planet: GALCOM Universe Book 3

Who knew ghosts could exist in heavy gravity? Hope Delgado, the galaxy’s only alien ghost expert, confronts her toughest challenge on S.C. Kangjun’s latest mission.

The local aliens, 49ers, blame the humans for a ghost.  And they hide a deadly secret.  A secret they will kill to protect.

Hope must make a desperate last stand against the aliens and the ghosts—if she fails, her friends will die.

A science fiction novel of deep space thrills and adventures.

Available now! Pick your favorite eReader flavor for a copy!

Next up in the series is Last Stand.

A mermaid by a coral reef

Here Be Merfolk

The call of the deep rings ever in our ears, from myth and legend to crime and mystery. Sea-people, mer and monster, immortals and reluctant heroes feature in this sea-worthy bundle.

This a bundle featuring novels and short stories by such writers as Alan Dean Foster, Debbie Mumford, and of course me.  My story is Dark, From the Sea.

Available from your favorite booksellers.

Cover shows a hand with a digital key hovering over it


Digital Minimalism: Reduce Clutter  on Your Computer Now

f you feel constantly overwhelmed by the amount of files…if you waste time looking for files you know you saved somewhere…

You’re not alone.  I’ve been there.

Between a full time day job with mounds of paperwork every day and indie publishing, I was drowning in files.  Not only couldn’t I find files  I’d saved, it was like walking into a cluttered room.  I was miserable and stressed out.

There had to be a better way!

I’m not a productivity expert.  But in this book, I’m going to share with you what I did to get my files in order and stop being overwhelmed.

Available from your favorite booksellers.