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Fantasy Adventures by Linda Maye Adams

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Cover for Fabula Argentea

To celebrate the first five years of publication, we have selected stories that we feel exemplify the spirit of the magazine and the variety that it offers our readers. These thirty-four amazing stories, from both first-time and established authors, will take you on unforgettable, and sometimes unexpected, journeys to places real and imagined. They will take you to the past, the present, and the future. Some will make you laugh; some will bring tears. And some may call up memories from your own past. We hope that you will find these stories as enjoyable and memorable as we have.

My fantasy story is called “The Library Patron.”

Novels and Novellas

Cover for Rogue God, showing a tiki face on a surfboard.

Story Collections and Anthologies

Cover for Five Fantasy Heroines   Cover for 10 Fantasy Stories I

Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Tall ship in the harbor at nightTall ship on the sea

Woman standing on balcony overlooking cityCover for Devil Lands showing a desert planet   Cover for River Flight

Cover for The Sea Listens   Cover for Booby-Trap at Beaver River showing a woman standing on a cliff

Cover for Cartographer of Fotunes  Cover for Dance of the Wind Chimes

Cover for A Quartet of Clowns   Woman seated on bench at night, with lantern.

Seated woman holding a lantern in front of her.   Full moon with bats flying in front of it.

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